The Silent Protest (see report & photos). Credit: Khalid Hussenbux. Top: J Creamer / NAVS
Findings from animals may, or may not, apply to humans, and the only way of finding out is to study the human situation



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At the end of last year, a public inquiry heard evidence for and against Cambridge University's plans to build a massive new monkey research centre. The inspector's final report was a triumph for all those opposed to these pitiless and unscientific experiments. He declared that the University had failed to show that the proposed brain research was in the national interest.

"It would be a stronger argument," he wrote, "to say that it is nationally important [for Cambridge University] to catch up on alternative forms of research to that employing animals".

On November 21st 2003, the Deputy PM announced that the University had permission to proceed. Given the overwhelming way in which the planned centre was rejected, John Prescott has acted with outrageous high-handedness by swatting aside the report from his own inspector. Animal Aid and NAVS have launched a High Court challenge to the decision and the BUAV has launched Judicial Review proceedings.

Meanwhile, a parliamentary motion, initiated by Animal Aid and calling for a total ban on laboratory experiments involving monkeys, attracted support from 20% of all MPs.

Scientific opposition to experiments on primates is considerable and growing, as evidenced by a letter published by the Daily Telegraph.

A large majority of respondents to a public opinion poll commissioned by Animal Aid say that laboratory experiments on primates are morally unacceptable. In a companion survey, roughly half those who gave an opinion also said that information obtained from such experiments can have no direct relevance to humans. (For more on this, and Animal Aid's new report - Monkeying Around With Human Health - see the Animal Aid website.)

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