Marmoset. Credit: BUAV
Results from animal experiments are unreliable at predicting human responses

Cambridge University Exposed

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) is the world's leading anti-vivisection campaigning organisation, founded in 1898. The BUAV campaigns peacefully for effective, lasting change by challenging attitudes and actions towards animals worldwide.

Cambridge University was recently the subject of an undercover investigation by the BUAV. The investigation, which was made public in May 2002, revealed the full horror of primate research in the UK.

At Cambridge University a colony of between 400-500 marmosets were kept in small, barren metal cages. The monkeys were being bred for use in brain experiments. For 10 months, a dedicated BUAV investigator filmed the miserable lives of the monkeys, which were deliberately brain-damaged in the name of research.

At the end of their ordeal, all the experimental monkeys would be killed by injection. Despite the severity of the procedures, the Government classified the experiments under the category of causing only 'moderate' suffering.

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