Macaque in neurology experiment, above and top. Credit: Jan Creamer / National Anti-Vivisection Society
All too often the findings of animal experiments confuse and delay our understanding of the real human problem

Arguments for a Centre of Excellence

The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is the world's premier anti-vivisection group. Their research has shown that animal experiments are unreliable, unethical and unnecessary, and that animal experiments can actually harm people, because of misleading results from animal tests when applied to the human situation.

Lord Sainsbury attempted to overturn the initial refusal of planning permission for the proposed primate labs, saying that they are of national importance. NAVS have produced a detailed response to Lord Sainsbury's comments.

Human brain imaging, molecular modelling, patient studies and epidemiological studies are already being conducted in the UK without the use of animals. The UK will continue to have world-class neuroscience without the proposed primate research centre.

The futility of neurological research using primates has been demonstrated at universities around the country - such as an experiment on macaques at Oxford, the results of which directly contradicted results from human studies. NAVS urges Cambridge University to use its resources to create a world-class Centre of Excellence using state-of-the-art (non-animal) techniques.

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