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Research that focuses on animal experiments is wasting time, effort, money and lives



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Uncaged Campaigns is the youngest professional anti-vivisection organisation in the UK, representing the cutting edge of the movement against animal experiments.

Another horrific primate vivisection project involving the University of Cambridge was exposed by Uncaged Campaigns in September 2000.

The experiments involved transplanting genetically engineered pig organs into primates. 500 monkeys and wild-caught baboons - and thousands of pigs - were slaughtered in the research programme that Government scientific advisors now admit was a "blind alley". For more information about the ongoing legal and political battles see

Uncaged Campaigns have also produced a report revealing the Pharmaceutical Industry's exertion of economic blackmail on the Government to weaken what they regard as inconvenient animal welfare regulations. Learn how election pledges, public opinion and the law of the land are trampled over by corporations with the assistance of a cowardly and unprincipled Government, with the shadowy influence of Lord Sainsbury to the fore, at

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